Uponor Akatemia

Training support for Uponor customers

Uponor Academy

Our Uponor Academy is always ahead of the game. For us, this means not only keeping abreast of cutting edge science and technology, but above all, having a clear focus on the constantly-changing requirements of our partners in the construction industry. For you as planners, installers, architects and decision-makers, this means you can expect tailor-made training courses with valuable practical tips that can be implemented directly in your projects. This is advanced knowledge that pays off.

Our range of seminars is tailored to your needs, so that you can combine theory and practice in an optimal way. Whether it is technical basic instruction or the comprehensible teaching of standards and guidelines, make the most of the vast experience and up-to-date expertise of our speakers. Clearly getting to the point.


uponor académie atelier

The Uponor Worklab

The Uponor Worklab – technology to touch, test and experience. For example at our location in Hassfurt, Germany, the former technical centre has been converted into a working laboratory for our customers. Other Uponor locations also have these worklabs. Here you can practice the assembly and expansion of our systems. Or you can test different „climate scenarios“ and find out how the different settings in the control technology affect the respective indoor climate. The mode of operation and the interaction between the weather and the control will be shown using a PC simulation.